A weekend in Montreal

This May, Vidhi and I spent a weekend in Montreal.  Montreal is a lively city with a young crowd.  Lots of cafes, pubs and clubs.  Great night life.

Most of the city was walkable from our bed-and-breakfast.  We walked the areas of The Old Montreal, Latin Quarter, The Plateau, Little Italy and Jean-Talon market.  We also took the train to Olympic Park to see the Biodome.

We had the best time at the Jean-Talon market.  It’s was a surprise find.  We wanted to have lunch in Little Italy, but when we got there, all we could find were Chinese restaurants.  Hum… Chinese in Little Italy.  We persited and after a few more tiring block and around the corner, there it was… the Jean-Talon market.  It had everything.  Fresh food and a local crowd.  Lots of taste testing of  ethnic cuisine including Italian!  We sat in an open restaurant eating wonderful food and watching the crowd.  I had to have an expresso from a coffee house that was roasting their own beans.  Good stuff.

We had to do the Mont Royal Park.  The view was nice.  But, given our time constraints, it was not worth it.  We spent a lot of time walking around in the park and getting tired.  I would have preferred spending more time in the Plateau district.

The only other thing that I would have liked to have done in Montreal was to try their BAGELS!  I heard they rival NY bagels.  Definetly next time.

Anyway, here are the pictures:

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