Gleason Falls

Gleason Falls

Joe, from Manchester Camera Club, organized a photo field trip to Gleason Falls. D.J., Tom, Bob and I joined him on the rainy Saturday. Photographing in the rain was painful, but the location was worth it. The fall colors were muted this year. Reds were gone. Only yellows and browns remained.

This was the first time I had used my tripod for an extended period of time. My inexperience with it showed in the results. A lot of photos were not sharp as I had the image stabilization on the lens turned on. The second issue I had was with my 70-200 lens. During the day I did not good pictures at all with the lens. As the day progressed I realized what was happening. The lens was too heavy and was creeping down during the long exposures. These were good lessons that I will remember for the next time.

Here are some of the better pictures:

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