Quebec City

Quebec City was one of the few areas, on the east coast, that I had not visited. I planned to address that this Memorial day weekend.

It rained the whole weekend! Although the weather did not suit me, it made for some decent lighting to take photographs. It was the first trip I left my trusty Canon 5D Mark II at home. The Sony NEX-6, with the 16-50mm kit lens, was it for me. The NEX did fine, but I can’t say the same for the kit lens. I hated having to correct the distortions on ALL pictures, not just the wide angle.

Quebec City had little to see. It did offer a lot in social atmosphere. The food was excellent, if you did not indulge in one of the many restaurants cratering for the tourist crowd. I’ll call out Portofino for its excellent food and service. I was disappointed with the farmer’s market. I was hoping to have a similar experience as I did in Montreal. The only food available was the hot dogs. My wife, being vegetarian, was left out.

Walking through the old Quebec City and lower town was exactly what I wanted for the weekend. Here are the pictures (a bit more than usual 🙂 ):

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