NECCC 2013 – Still life and Architecture

The New England Camera Camera Club Council (NECCC) 68th annual conference was held at UMass at Amherst, MA. I had a chance to go to this conference last year and found it worth while to attend this year as well. I recently took up the role of the NECCC representative for the Manchester Camera Club and was looking forward to meet representatives from other clubs.

Like last year, most sessions were excellent. I especially enjoyed the following sessions:

  • Making the Leap to Digital Video: an Introduction – Vincent Laforet
  • Making Nature Time-Lapse Movies: An Introduction – Joseph LeFevre
  • Mastering the Composite Image for Fine Art – Jim DiVitale
  • Editing, Masking and Selection in Photoshop – Shiv Verma

The keynote by Nevada Wier was inspirational! I was most inspired with her ability to form relationships in remote parts of the world, without having the advantage of having a common language or custom. I am jealous!

The modelling sessions were good. But, I found it to be a bit too bland without the props like we did last year. Last year’s vintage cars and the bikers made it more interesting.

This is the first in a series of posts of photos from NECCC conference. This one covers still life and architecture and the rest will be the models. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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