NECCC 2013 – Part 2: Brooke, Bryana and Colette model shoots

New England Camera Club Council conference has been a wonderful venue to shoot models. This is especially true for photographers like me that normally don’t have access to shoot models. I had a blast last year and was looking forward to this year. The models were great and patient. I did not do indoor shoots as they were limited to 3 shots and I don’t have enough experience to get keepers out of them. The outdoor shoots were just perfect for me.

The weather was not fun. Muggy and hot! I was exhausted running around to attend the presentation sessions while trying to shoot the models between the sessions. I think I got to shoot all the models that were present at the conference.

I started processing the photos in alphabetical order. I’ll post the shoots in batches of three models, starting with Brooke, Bryana and Colette model shoots.

Thanks for visiting and feedback is always welcome.

Brooke Leah

Bryana Alexis


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