Yellowstone National Park

Vidhi and I decided on a trip to Yellowstone National Park. This was a last minute decision. We wanted a vacation before the school starts. Using an itinerary for a 8days/7nights trip, we made our calls. We ended up with a plan that required us to changes our accommodations every other day. It actually worked out well! Every change took us closer to the next day’s plans. We ended up starting the trip from the North entrance and exited the park at the Grand Tetons.

We only had 4 days to cover Yellowstone. We relaxed as we took in the different landscapes and wildlife. Yellowstone was the first place that I visited that had extremely varying landscapes. It felt like we were visiting a new park every day! We were fortunate to be able to visit Lamar and Hayden valleys before they were closed to do controlled forest fires.

I will definitely go back to Yellowstone. Next time It will be in early June, while the snow is still on the ground.

I have not had the time to post-process the pictures. I used a few of my saved presets on the following pictures. Most of pictures just contain basic exposure corrections and a bit of cropping. The vibrancy and saturation in the hot spring pictures is straight from the camera! The Marumi Polarizing filter did a fantastic job.

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